Integrated ozone & oxygen generator (YOB Series)

YOB series water ozonators product use oxygen generator in it to adopt oxygen. It use ozone generator produces high density ozone.This ozone machines inside place to have no oil air compressor,percolation device, plug in can immediately produce ozone.
1、We apply adsorbing media from UOP in the U.S.A. By changing adsorbing pressure (PSA) oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonoussubstance in air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard.
2、YOB Series ozone generators use high reliability 、high efficiency and long life non-hydroxide crystal titanic generating cell, The cell is designed particularly with ozone resistant double pipes. They are cooled by air or cool water. YOB Series
use high quality components. Intelligent cell design is the first creation in the
3、Adjustable Ozone output, low noise.
4、Easy to operator, product at any moment.
Two generating cells(From UOP in the U.S.A)、Solenoid electric valve(from CKD in Japan)、Power switch board,Separator which gets water from air、Non-oil air compressor
Discharge cell、stainless casing、current meter、150 fan、flowmeter、ozone adjusting knob
1、Specification(Mark:the specification maybe changed)

Model No. Ozone output (g/h) Structure Oxygen output (L/min) Total Power (w) Power Source L*W*H (mm)
SOZ-YOB-10G 10 Integral whole 3-4 400 220-240V/50-60Hz110-120V/50-60Hz 500*390*1200
SOZ-YOB-15G 15 Integral whole 5 420
SOZ-YOB-20G 20 Integral whole 5 450
SOZ-YOB-40G 40 Integral whole 5-8 1800 500*600*1400

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