Submersible UV System (UVC-C Series)

Submersible UV sterilizer can treat a tank with up to 2000 litres of stored water.

UVC-C Series aquarium uv sterilizer use high intensity ultraviolet light to kill free floating microbes – bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and algae (only free-floating; they won’t cure illnesses). UVC-C  Series  of sterilization of water lack risks associated with ozonizers, but aquarists are divided on whether to use them – a well maintained, appropriately stocked aquarium should be fine without one. But many do use them to improve water quality, and they clear up lots of persistent problems quite well. They are well used in water cooler, pool, tank etc…

Most uvc bulbs need replacement every 6-8 months (never look directly into a UVC bulb; it could damage your eyes). For more replacement UVC bulbs, sleeves and parts see our UV sterilizer accessories.

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aquarium uv sterilizer



Model No. Tank capacity/Depth Watt ConnectorSize
UVC-C-6W 300L(300mm) 6W DN32,1 1/4″
UVC-C-12W 500L(500mm) 12W DN32,1 1/4″
UVC-C-25W 1000L(1000mm) 25W DN32,1 1/4″
UVC-C-30W 1500L(1500mm) 30W DN32,1 1/4″
UVC-C-35W 1800L(1800mm) 35W DN32,1 1/4″
UVC-C-55W 2000L(2000mm) 55W DN32,1 1/4″