Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer for Industry (UVC-B Series)

aquarium uv sterilizeraqua ultravioletuv sterilisationUVC-B systems uv sterilize virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Water enters through the bottom port of the uv steriliser cell and swirls around a low pressure mercury vapor lamp, which emits powerful uvc light energy at 235.7nm wave length. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms absorb the light energy which disrupts their DNA, and are destroyed safely inside a factory tested stainless steel cell. The treated water then exits through the top port of the cell and is ready for consumption.

Standard Featuresuv light for sale

*High output low pressure mercury vapor lamps
*with high isolation pin design
*Easy servicing – no need to disconnect the inlet
*water to change the UVC lamp
*Quartz sleeve and aluminum gland nuts for
*optimal operating temperature and sealing
*Remote plug-in and desktop ballast
*99.9% kill rate on bacteria and viruses
*Stainless steel or aluminum housing
*Seven year warranty on reactor chamber
*Includes mounting clamp and quarts sleeve
*304 stainless steel reactor chamber
*Lamp failure, power, and total run-time indicators

 uv aquarium

  Model No.                   Max Flow
Watt  No. of lamp A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) 


UVC-B-75W 18GPM 4T/H 75W 1 950   80 120  520  120  3/4″-1″
UVC-B-150W 33GPM 7.4T/H 150W 2 950   108 150  520 120 1″-1.5″
UVC-B-225W 50GPM 11.2T/H 225W 3 950   133 150 520  140 1″-1.5″
UVC-B-300W 65GPM 14.6T/H 300W 4 950   133 185  520  180 1.5″-2″
UVC-B-375W 82GPM 18.5T/H 375W 5 950   180 168 520 200 1.5″-2″
UVC-B-450W 98GPM 22T/H 450W 6 950   204 168 520 200 2″-2.5″
UVC-B-525W 115GPM 25.8T/H 525W 7 950   220 220 520 240 2″-2.5″
UVC-B-600W 131GPM 29T/H 600W 8 950   260 220 520 280 2.5-3″
UVC-B-750W 164GPM 37T/H 750W 10 950  300  275 650 320 3″-4″
UVC-B-900W 196GPM 44T/H 900W 12 950  320  275  650  350 3″-4″
UVC-B-1125W 248GPM 55.8T/H 1125W 15 950  350  310  650  380 4″-5″
UVC-B-1350W 297GPM 66.8T/H 1350W 18 950  380  330   650  400 4″-5″

Great for well water and as an attach on to any whole house water filters or any other 24GPM to 500GPM flow filtration application. Asiawaterfilter®  UV light for sterilization manufactured with axial flow reactors in 304 stainless steel and comes with 1-5” MNPT connections.

The hard glass germicidal uvc lamps provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria and virus and protozoa. This process is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to your drinking water. Asiawaterfilter ® sterilization of water is the most ecological way of treating your water… and all for just pennies a day!


Flow Rate (GPM)



110-240v/50-60 Hz

Maximum Operating Pressure

125 psi

Lamp Replacement Indicator


Audible Lamp Failure


Total Running Time


Visual Lamp Life Remaining


LED “power-on” indicator


For small capacity. please check UVC-A series