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ask for a quoteAsiawaterfilter® uv sterilizer is the recommended UV light for sterilization. It’s composed with UVC lamp, Quartz Sleeves, high quality UV ballast and food stage 304 stainless steel chamber etc…

UVC light should always be put after water purification system as water sterilizer to kill bacteria. It’s common used in home UV, industry UV, aquarium UV sterilizer.

Asiawaterfilter®  sterilization of water is an efficient and rapid water sterilizer product. Without using heat or dangerous chemicals, these products utilize 254 nm germicidal uv steriliser to quickly disable bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms present in water. Stainless steel enclosure can sustain 100 psi static pressure. There are difference ultraviolet uvc lamp for your choice, PHILIPS UVC lamp from Netherland, lightsource from USA and OEM UVC lamp for your request.

uv light for sale

Model  No.          Max Flow (gpm/ T/H) Watt  A mm  B mm C mm  G inch Lamp failure Warning  Shell Material
UVC-A-6W  0.5GPM 0.11T/H  6W 230   185 1/4″ WITH 304
UVC-A-12W 1GPM 0.22T/H  12W  300   227 1/4″ WITH 304
UVC-A-16W  2GPM 0.45T/H 16W 330   260 1/2″ WITH 304
UVC-A-25W 6GPM 1.36T/H 25W 330 305 481 1/2″ WITH 304
UVC-A-30W  8GPM 1.8T/H 30W 869 525 794 1″ WITH 304
UVC-A-35W  10GPM 2.25T/H 35W 910 855 835 1″ WITH 304
UVC-A-55W  12GPM 2.72T/H 55W 910 855 835 1″ WITH 304
UVC-A-75W  18GPM 4.05T/H  75W 910 855 835 1″ WITH 304
UVC-A-110W   24GPM 5.40T/H 110W 910 855 835 1″ WITH 304

Great for well water and as an attach on to any whole house water filters or any other 0.5GPM to 24GPM flow filtration application. Asiawaterfilter®  uv light sterilization manufactured with axial flow reactors in 304 stainless steel and comes with 1-5” MNPT connections.

The hard glass germicidal uvc lamps provide an economical way of treating water requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria and virus and protozoa. This process is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to your drinking water. Asiawaterfilter ® Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer System is the most ecological way of treating your water… and all for just pennies a day!


Flow Rate (GPM)



110-240v/50-60 Hz

Maximum Operating Pressure

125 psi

Lamp Replacement Indicator


Audible Lamp Failure


Total Running Time


Visual Lamp Life Remaining


LED “power-on” indicator


For big capacity UV LAMP, Please check    UVC-B series