Strong ozone generator (SOZ Series)

SOZ Series ozone generators use high reliability 、high efficiency and long life non-hydroxide crystal titanic generating cell, The cell is designed particu-larly with ozone resistant double pipes. They are cooled by air or cool water. Ozone treatment (SOZ Series) use high quality components. Intelligent cell design is the first creation in the world.(patented)


1.Alarm for no ozone,but generator doesn’t stop automatically,when ozone comes out,the ozone machines works normally. His function tells if the discharge cell works well.There is no alarm when no ozone output due to:a)no gas input;b)gas pipe has leakage or wall up. 2.Alarm for water return. Stop ozone machine, blow with dry air or oxygen then switch on ozone machines again, when alarm stops after 3 seconds, the ozone generators works normally. 3.Alarm for over temperature and then generator stops because:a)the fan mesh work is walled up;b)over environment temperature.Generator will restart automatically when temperature is below 50℃. 4.Alarm for PCB failure..


Discharge cell、stainless casing、current meter、150 fan、flow meter、ozone adjusting knob,air cooling below 32G,water cooling up 32G.


intelligent non-hydroxide crystal titanic structure or non-hydroxide crystal structure ozone generator,Special long life design,High concentration ozone output,Low power、small shape,1 years warranty.

Ⅳ、Product series: SOZ-6G、10G、16G、20G、25G、32G、40G、50G、60G、80G、100G、120G、150G、200G、300G、500G、600G、1000G、1500G、2000G……。

Ⅴ、:Data、diagram(Mark:Specification、picture maybe changed)

1、 SOZ—6G —32G specification

Ozone output (g/h) 6 10 16 20 25 32
Cooling air cooling
Max ozone concentration (g/m3) oxygen source: 30-50      air source: 10-25
L*W*H (mm) 350*230*530 350*230*600 470*230*730
Weight (kg) 11 12 12 18 19 19
Power (w) 120 150 180 300 350 380
Power Source 220-240V  50-60Hz               110V-120V  50-60Hz
Gas Source oxygen or use clean and dry air source

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2. SOZ-40G-200G  specification

Model No. SOZ-YW-40G SOZ-YW-50G SOZ-YW-60G SOZ-YW-80G SOZ-YW-100G SOZ-YW-150G SOZ-YW-200G
Ozone output (g/h) 40 50 60 80 100 150 200
Cooling water cold 0.2-0.5m3/h water cold 0.3-1.0m3/h   water cold 0.5-1.5m3/h
Max ozone concentration (g/m3) oxygen source: 50-100      air source: 16-30
L*W*H (mm) 400*300*950 520*370*1150 770*500*1200
Weight (kg) 26 26 50 50 85 90 95
Power (w) 600 660 1000 1200 1300 1800 2500
Power Source 220-240V  50-60Hz               110V-120V  50-60Hz
Gas Source oxygen or use clean and dry air source

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3. SOZ-300G-2000G  specification

Model No. SOZ-YW-300G SOZ-YW-400G SOZ-YW-500G SOZ-YW-600G SOZ-YW-1000G SOZ-YW-1500G SOZ-YW-2000G
Ozone output (g/h) 300 400 500 600 1000 1500 2000
Cooling water cold 1.2m3/h water cold 1.3m3/h water cold 1.5m3/h water cold 2.6m3/h water cold 3.8m3/h
Max ozone concentration (g/m3) oxygen source: 50-120      air source: 16-35
L*W*H (mm) 800*600*1450 1200*600*1450 2000*600*1450 2600*600*1450 3500*600*1450
Weight (kg) 120 150 200 250 350 500 700
Power (kw) 3.2 4.5 5.5 6.5 10.5 15.5 22
Power Source 220-240V  50-60Hz               110V-120V  50-60Hz
Gas Source oxygen or use clean and dry air source

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