PP String Wound Water Filter Cartridges PS

PP String Wound Water Filter Cartridges PS1.Brief Account:

Wound cartridges provides true depth filtration,high dirt holding capacity,and extremely low media migration.Are available in a wide variety of lengths and porosities.Especially signigicant is the availability of filters in an almost endless combination of meida and core material,to handle virtually any chemical and/or environment or temperature.


(1) Great efficiency in minimizing pressure drop      ask for quotation
(2) High holding capcity and removal rating
(3) Honeycomb shpaed provides excellent filtration efficiency
(4) Broad chemical compatibility
(5) Various materials available for broad applications
(6) No short fibers cause loose bit


(1) Yarn Material: Polypropylene,Cotton
(2) Core Material: Polypropylene
(3) Micron Rating:1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100,150 Micron
(4) Suuport, Core &End Cap:PP, S.S 202 &S.S 304
(5) Length:5″, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″, 10″BB, 20″BB
(6)Inner Diameter(±mm):28,30mm
(7)Outer Diameter: 60-115mm
(8)Confirguration:Double Open End

4.Operating Condition:

(1)Maximum operating forward pressure: 95°C:1.4 kg/cm² 20°C:5.6 kg/cm
(2)Maximum operating forward pressure: 95°C
(3)Filtration Area: 0.9m2 (10″)


(1)Food and Beverage
(2)UF Pre- Filtration
(3)Edible Oil
(4)Electroplating, etching and image
development process of PCB

Specifications 1)Filter media:cotton 2)Remove suspended substance,particles,particulate and rust 3)Filter precison:1 or 5 micron