Melt Blown Filter Cartridge PP

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge PP

Specifications and technical parameters

Filter medium: PP
Relative filtration pore size: 1、5、10、20、30、50、75、100 (μm)  ask for price
Filter cage: PP
Length: 5″、10″、 20″、 30″、 40″
Effective filtration area: ≥0.045 m2/10″
Outer diameter(OD): 60.0 mm~65.0 mm
Inner diameter(ID): 28.0 mm~30.0 mm
Max. operating temperature: 60℃,0.2 MPa
Max. positive pressure: 0.2 MPa(25℃)
Max. back pressure: 0.1 MPa(25℃)
Others: special requirement of diameter and end caps can be customized

Typical Applications

Mainly it is suitable for filter bigger pellets, water pre-treatment
Pure water flow rate reference table: the initial value of 10"cartridge L/min (△P=0.015 MPa, 1cP, 25℃)
Micro rating (μm)   1    3    5   10   20   30   50   75  100
Flow rate ( L/min) 10  14  17   20   24   28   32   34    38

The filtration media of PP melt blown filter cartridge is PP of nonpoisonous and tasteless as the material. It is made by melt-sprayed, extruded, stretched and formed into tube-like core. The benefit summary: the features of small resistance, large flow rate, strong dirt holing capacity, corrosion resistance, good pressure resistance and wide chemical compatibility.