Hydrophobicity PTFE Filter Cartridge PLPP

Hydrophobicity PTFE Filter Cartridge PLPP
Specifications and technical parameters

Filter medium: hydrophobicity PTFE membrane
Support layer: PPask for price
Filter cage: PP
Pore size: 0.1,0.2,0.45,1 µm
Length: 5″,10″,20″,30″,40″
Sealing material: Silastic, NBR, EPDM, Viton
Airtight method: thermal bonding technique
Effective filtration area: ≥0.6 m2/10″
Diameter: 69.0 mm

Max. operating temperature: 80°C,0.17 MPa
Max. bear temperature: 140°C,0.27 MPa
Max. positive pressure: 0.42 MPa(25°C)
Max. back pressure: 0.28 MPa(25°C)
Sterilizing temperature: 121°C 30 min
Others: special requirement of diameter and end caps can be customized

Typical Applications:

Chemistry industry: filtration for organic solvent, various alcohols, chemical reagent.
Gas filtration: sterile filtration of compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
Sterile tank respirator, air fermentation tank
Select filter cartridge, refer to P3 (Interface/End caps)
Pure water flow rate reference table: the initial value of 10’’cartridge L/min
(P=0.01MPa, 1cP, 25°C)

Micro rating (um) 0.1 0.2 0.45 1
Flow rate (L/min) 7 9 18 25

Air flow rate reference table: the initial value of 10’’ cartridge m3/min

Micro rating (um) 0.1 0.2 0.45 1
Flow rate (m3/min) 6 8 10 12

Characteristics: The filter cartridge produced by our company is widely used with its large flow, low pressure difference, long service life, high filtration precision and wide choice range. It is firmly melted, releases no contaminant and it is easy to clean. All PP filter cartridge constructed of ultra-fine diameter continuous filaments of PP, formed into thermally bonded and pleated layers of filter media to provide particulate removal in the submicron range. Includes pleated pre-filter, end caps, center core and protective outer cage all of PP. Cartridge is totally free of all sizing, anti-static agents and all organics. Standard end gaskets DOE (double open end) and 222 O-Rings SOE (single open end) are ethylene propylene