Ozone Generator and Accessaries

water ozonator

ozone generator (ozonator) is designed specifically for disinfection and ozone treatment in industrial, laboratory and pilot plant applications.


  • ozone in water for drinking water  
  •  process water loops
  •  recycling processes
  •  food and beverage industries
  •  cooling towers
  • aquaculture
  • aquariums and swimming pools
Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator (OZ Series)

Ozone Generator (OZ Series) (Ozone output: 5- 15 g/h)

This series of Ozone generator apply transistor gate inverting technology. Discharging room is consisted of non-hydroxide crystal tube. There are special designs to avoid water return. We apply module design technology on electric board and choose good anti-oxidation components for pipes、connectors and other parts. These keep generador de ozono (OZ Series) to be long life、big discharge area、low working temperature and high Ozone concentration.more details


ozone machine

Strong ozone generator (SOZ Series)

Strong ozone generator (SOZ Series) (Ozone output: 5-2000 g/h)

SOZ Series ozone generators use high reliability 、high efficiency and long life non-hydroxide crystal titanic generating cell, The cell is designed particu-larly with ozone resistant double pipes. They are cooled by air or cool water. This Ozone machine (SOZ Series) use high quality components. Intelligent cell design is the first creation in the world.(patented)more details



generadores de ozono

Integrated ozone & oxygen generator(YOB Series)

Integrated ozone & oxygen generator (YOB Series) (Ozone output: 5-80 g/h)

Ozon Generator (YOB series) product use oxygen generator in it to adopt oxygen. It use ozon generator produces high density ozone.This machine inside place to have no oil air compressor,percolation device, plug in can immediately produce ozone.more details





ozon generator

Oxygen generator (OW Series)

Oxygen generator (OW Series)

Technology from U.S.A. By changing adsorbing pressure(PSA)
,oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonous substance in
air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard. PSA oxygen
generators produce low cost oxygen which purity is 95%±3.more details


generador de ozono

Ozone water strong mixer and injector

Ozone water strong mixer  

The way to mix ozone into water

Ⅰ、Using injector (ventury) – a special design “T” in witch water rushing trough
the straight part of the “T” creates a suction in the 3rd port trough ozone in water is
introduced. Mixing process utilizing injector is far more effective then A & B,
however additional pump is usually used to deliver the energy for water flow and
pressure needed for correct operation of injector. Needless to say, injectors are
produced from different materials in different sizes.more details

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