Oxygen generator (OW Series)

ask for priceTechnology from U.S.A. By changing adsorbing pressure(PSA)
,oxygen generators split oxygen from nitrogen, filtrate out poisonous substance in
air, then get high concentration oxygen which is up to medical standard. PSA oxygen
generators produce low cost oxygen which purity is 95%±3.
1、Material is air,it need not any other auxiliary material,low power,low cost.
2、Low working pressure keep it is high reliability、high performance and high
3、Adjustable oxygen flow,big oxygen production,low noise.
4、Easy to operate,product at any moment ,continue to supply oxygen.
Two generating cells(From UOP in the U.S.A)
Solenoid electric valve(from CKD、SMC in Japan,from AIRTAC、SNS in Taiwan)
Power switch board
Separator which gets water from air
Non-oil air compressor(choose fit set by system spec)
Ⅲ、OW series:
OW-2TB、 OW-4TB、 OW-10TB、 OW-20TB、 OW-50TB、 OW-100TB
1、Specification(Mark:the specification maybe changed)


Model No. OW-2TB OW-4TB OW-10TB OW-20TB OW-50TB OW-100TB OW-200TB
Oxygen output (L/min) 3-4 4-5 5-8 8-13 20-30 40-60 80-120
L*W*H (mm) 300*285*580 380*285*580 350*500*850 520*370*1100 770*500*1200 1000*500*1200
Weight (kg) 25 25 27 35 42 85 150
Power (w) 40 50 80 100 100 200 300
Power Source 220-240V  50-60Hz               110V-120V  50-60Hz

oxygen generator