Block Carbon Filter Cartridge CTO

Block Carbon Filter Cartridge CTO
Specifications and technical parameters

Filter medium: nut-shell carbon
Relative filtration pore size: 1、5、10 (μm)                            ask for price
Length: 5″、10″、20″、30″、40″
Diameter: 62.0 mm
Max. operating temperature: 50℃
Max. positive pressure: 0.4 MPa(25℃)
Others: special requirement of diameter and end caps can be customized

Typical Applications

It is used in filtration for electroplate liquid, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coating, solvents, abstergent, medicine water, purified water, beverage, wines industry and air purification industry.
Pure water flow rate reference table: the initial value of 10"cartridge L/min (△P=0.01 MPa, 1cP, 25℃)
Micro rating(μm) 1 5 10
Flow rate ( L/min) 7 15 22
The filtration media of activated carbon filter cartridge is coal based carbon as the raw material. It extruded and shaped by special processing technique, and the edible bonding agent as the auxiliary. The benefit summary: strong adsorptive capacity, can effectively remove organics, residual chlorine and radioactive substance in the water, with the effect of decoloration and smell elimination. It is the ideal filter cartridge of liquid and air purification at present.