Box Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO-28)

box ro unitStage1: sediment filter PP-10 5 micron.
Stage2: Granular activated carbon cartridge it remove 99% of the chlorine and organic
chemicals. And reduce of test, odor, and color.
Stage3: activated carbon block cartridge, remove chlorine and organic chemicals. And reduce
of tats, odor, and color.
Stage4: reverse osmosis membrane. Thin film composite high quality membrane that processes
50GPD, it remove: lead, cooper, barium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, Fluoride, Nitrite,
Nitrate, Selenium, and Hardness.
Stage5: T-33 in-lin (post charbon) filter. ask for price
Without Power.
Steel pressure tank 3.2G.(optional 3&3.8G plastic tank)
Water processing ability 190L/day.
Applicable température 5-40 C.
Packing out size 420x350x580mm.
Net Weight: 14kg.