Benefits of Asiawaterfilter® UV Water Sterilizers

Asiawaterfilter® Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer Systems to control bacteria

Protection from Microbial Contamination:

There are some microbes that are resistant to chlorine and other chemical agents, but none of them are resistant to ultra violet rays. Asiawaterfilter® UV water sterilizers are effective against the microbes causing hepatitis, Giardia, as well as microbiological contaminants like E-coli, Cholera, Salmonella, and staph. Efficient technology is utilized in order to eliminate these impurities from water. Asiawaterfilter® UV water sanitizers use a beam of UV from a light source. This lamp is placed in a safe compartment commonly made of quartz in a position that allows the water passing through this chamber to be exposed to the light. The microbes present in water are killed as the UV rays are absorbed by their nucleic acid. This is an easy and scientific way to get safe, pure, drinking water.

Asiawaterfilter® UV water sterilizers can be used for domestic, commercial as well as industrial purposes. These systems purify the water without using any chemicals. Since no foreign chemicals are added to the drinking water, the water produced by the UV water Purifiers retains it PH value and taste. Also, it is cost effective, easily available and is friendly to your septic system too. At Home Water Pro, we carry UV steilizers from top manufacturers for virtually any application from one gallon per minute to hundreds of gallons per minute with prices to fit any buget. We want you to have the right system, not just any system.