• Farms and Ranches: Bacteria free animal drinking water increases production by eliminating losses due to water-borne infection. Improved sanitation promotes healthier stock and higher yields

  • Water Wells: Eliminates bacteria which may build up from time to time from seepage of surface water or sewage

  • Bottling Manufacture: Insures bacteria free water for use in product at breweries, wineries, soft drink and water bottling facilities

  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries: Bacteria free water insures compliance with strict water treatment standards necessary for product quality control

  • Laboratories: Provides ultra-pure water required for accurate testing and research

  • Hospitals: Insures ultra-pure water for pathology labs, kidney dialysis and post disinfection rinses where bacteria free water is essential

  • Electronics Industry: Insures bacteria free water for use in conjunction with de-ionized and high purity water systems

  • Food Industries: Insures bacteria free water as an additive to product and also as a rinse before packaging to guard against water-borne bacteria spoilage in vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and other products

  • Private Homes, Trailer Parks, Recreation Vehicles, Schools, Hotels, Airplanes: Provide safe, germ-free drinking water. Destroying bacteria, a serious problem for rural water supplies and stored water usage, prevents disease

  • Aquariums and Hatcheries: Bacteria free water prevents disease organisms from growing or spreading without producing by-products toxic to marine life

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants: Affords an excellent post water treatment of secondary effluent to reduce bacterial
    concentrations to safe levels without introducing a toxicant to fish and other marine life in the receiving waters

  • Nurseries: Bacteria free water minimizes losses from widespread root rot infection, a common problem in trees and plants caused by a diseased water supply

  • Swimming Pools: Helps control bacteria, algae and slime formation. Ultraviolet water purification allows the user to substantially reduce the chlorine usage